Feel Better Than Ever With Microblading Eyebrows from team USA MICROBLADING!

Anyone who has been filling their eyebrows using shadows and pencils knows the pain of the morning ritual before going out. Sitting in front of the mirror, pencil in hand, thinking that this is such a waste of time. Why didn’t they have those coveted eyebrows by birth?

Microblading eyebrow micro pigmentation can change all this frustration. USA Microblading is the microblading salon that is there every step of the way. We are a leader that brings this new exciting procedure to all adoring fans.

The popularity of microblading permanent eyebrows is spreading. Now people can have perfection in their eyebrows. This microblading method creates eyebrows that could last for as much as a year and a half. At a small price compared to all other high-end cosmetic procedures, why not try microblading?

A usual cosmetic eyebrow tattooing microblading procedure costs you around $400-$1200. Microblading procedure is done somewhere in the vicinity of an hour to two hours. But that is well worth it, according to all our clients who have had this procedure done to them.


USA MICROBLADING-The Team That Will Make You Happy!

USA Microblading salon is the world leader in all the microblading techniques. Our team comprises of world class microblading experts like Phimaster Jocelyn Tran. She had trained at the best institutes around the world. With our sophisticated methods and unique tools, you can be sure that your brows are in the right hands. We have made the eyebrows of hundreds of people amazing.
USA Microblading

The team of USA Microblading is led by PhiMaster Jocelyn Tran. Jocelyn Tran dedicates to making beautiful eyebrows all her life. She has made thousands of clients happy by creating and designing unique, elegant eyebrows that tailoring to every face shape. Jocelyn Tran is so fabulous with her work that she always have a line of loyal clients waiting for her during her work schedule. For Jocelyn Tran, creating eyebrows is not just work; it is a passion.

USA Microblading

We, USA Microblading team, also have dozens of customers who adore and vouch for us. They refer all their friends and families to us because they are so happy with our work. Over the years, clients have entrusted their beauty to us. Because they are thoroughly satisfied with our work that they come nowhere else. We take every ounce of pride that can be possible in the work that we do. We take great care to perfect our job not to let our trusting clients down.

We also take every precaution to make sure that you look perfect, without any side effects. We ensure the safety of our clients. We ensure that this microblading procedure is done correctly every time. We are careful in safety such as sterilized equipment, stable hands, and perfect environment.

We show high concern to all our clients. You can be sure that satisfaction is the only end product that you will get out of this process.

Tattooing the eyebrows used to be a trend that went on for years before this. That method is inefficient and not as detailed as microblading.

With microblading 3d permanent eyebrow makeup method, we have reached cosmetic eyebrows perfection.

3d permanent eyebrows

Microblading 3d permanent eyebrows require a high level of precision. We understand the intricacy required. We have spent years perfecting our eyebrow pigmentation procedures. We have provided eyebrows to happy clients without fail. Please browse through our before after pictures of all the clients. Please see the kind testimonials our customers have given us. USA Microblading has worked for them, and it will work for you.



Cosmetic science has given us ways to have permanent fixes to all beauty woes. Now, it is easy to get a slight nose job done, or a little bit of plastic surgery to look perfect. You do not need to concern about anyone judging because you do not look flawed.

Microblading permanent cosmetic eyebrows will make life so much easier. You look fabulously the same every day or every night. That gives you the confidence to defy the natural imperfection given to you. Life is short; you need to look your best.

There was a time when people spent all their lives with the face that had been given to them from birth. All they could do was to mask some imperfections with the beauty products that were available to them.

It will all wear off by the end of the day, reminding everyone that they had imperfections on their faces that needed hiding. How is that for a blow to confidence?

That is not the case now. We have microblading permanent cosmetic eyebrows process done especially by USA Microblading team.