Phibrows is the most prestigious Microblading training Academy in the world.

When you are to master an art that is so rare that only a few in the world can even claim to theoretically know about it, you have only a few people to turn to to learn about it.

The issue with having just a few sources of knowledge about something is that you have very high chances of being duped.  as there is regional monopoly of these few centers of knowledge and they teach whatever they want, to the students. In such cases, you need some reliable metrics to make sure that you are learning the skills you want, at the right place.

In case of microblading, which is an extremely precise art of cosmetic procedures, you can bet that there are a few centers where you can get world class training. Phibrows is one of them. With the Phibrows Master Branko Babic on-board the training panel, the company has been the world leader in imparting microblading information to interested cosmetic practitioners.

Branko is the founder of the microblading academy, and is the Grandmaster artist at the academy. He has taught some of the finest microblading experts, training them to be Phimasters around the globe, and that counts for something.

PhibrowsThe microblading training course followed at Phibrows is a 2-day face-to-face training followed by continuous learning via the online learning application called “Craft Master”. This is an application that has some unique tools that would allow you to move further in your already perfected skill-set, which has been sharpened by Branko’s artful training. The learning program consists of 11 levels in total, progressing through which should be easy as you have all the videos and lectures with you. Phibrows makes it a point to ensure that learning process of its students never ends.

Branko’s masters goes around the world in the various microblading academies to make sure that the trainees in the different parts of the world are able to get first-hand interaction and training by the master himself. This is to ensure that every trainee gets proper exposure in the real-world scenarios in order to understand the concepts more than just theoretically.

PhibrowsMicroblading is an intricate art, to say the least. This is an act where organic pigments are deposited below the skin, by creating fine blade-like “hair” in the brow region, artificially, and then filling it with pigment. Specialized tools are required for this procedure, and a very stable and experience hand as well. There could be chances of infection if improperly sterilized tools are used or disposable tools are reused. There needs to be some level of caution with regard to these things.

Once the procedure is done, there is an immediate need to touch-up the eyebrows after a month when eyebrows are competely healed, at which time, the imperfections are made fine, and the ill-effects, if any (which could have cropped up in some clients) are rectified. This needs additional level of skill and a keen eye for spotting the issues and finding proper solutions to all of them, so as to make sure that the client is fully satisfied and leaves good reviews, and helps in word-of-mouth advertising.

In order to understand all of the above, it is not only the theoretical knowledge that is going to help, but also the ability to interact with clients under supervision of experts.

Phibrows makes good on all these promises. It provides a full theoretical knowledge of the procedure, and helps the students learn about the skill via videos and lectures.

It provides face-to-face interaction with industry experts (Phimaster Jocelyn Tran being one of them), so that the students are able to clear all their doubts and are able to motivate themselves. Once these are done, the student, laced with a theoretical as well as practical information about the technique, can work as a world-class microblading expert.

There is a particular proclivity of people towards microblading experts taught from Phibrows. This is because of the high levels of standards that Phibrows maintains, and makes sure that every client is a happy client. Thus, all the disposable tools used, are disposed-of, and the permanent tools are perfectly sterilized, to make sure that nothing goes wrong. The experts take every possible care to make sure that they have performed the procedure correctly, and the end result is some of the best looking microbladed eyebrows around.

If you are looking for some world-class information and practice with microblading training, Phibrows is the way to go, and with Branko Babic’s expertise, you can be sure that you will not go wrong.