Microblading Versus Eyebrow Tattooing: Which One is Better?

Do you want perfect eyebrows and semi permanent eyebrow tattoo? Are you suffering from any issue with the shape of your eyebrows? Are your eyebrows stop growing? Do you have uneven or gaps in your eyebrows? Do you want beautiful full eyebrows every single minute of the day?

Do you entertain the thought of getting cosmetic tattoo eyebrows ? It is a popular way for people to have close to perfect looking eyebrows. Tattoo eyebrows can fill the space between the hair of your brows to make them look full. In that process, eyebrows can have a better shape.

There are two methods of eyebrows tattooing. The older and simpler one is eyebrow tattoo. The newer and more intricate manual version is microbalding.

Here at USA Microblading, we are experts in both methods. We have six years of experience. Let us explain both procedures. We will provide a guide between Microblading versus Eyebrows Tattooing:
Eyebrows Tattooing is a process of implanting pigment into the eyebrows with a handpiece machine. The process is a continuous filling in of pigment into the skin. This procedure will create a solid eyebrow shape. Eyebrows Tattoo will give you a better form or not depends on the technician. The result is unnatural. If you walk down the street, anyone passing by will notice that you have a tattoo on your eyebrows.

Microbalding is also micro stroking. It is a method of embroidering the eyebrows using an incredibly fine and thin row of needles to create marks on the skin that look like eyebrows. This semi-permanent technique is totally safe . Experts also call this procedure tattoo eyebrows hair by hair or feathering eyebrows. A single application lasts around 12-18 months. The durability of this method depends on the quality of pigment and depth the blade enter the skin. When using an extremely fine thin blade, the hair produced will look crisp. The ink will not smudge under the skin. It is useful for making full and beautiful brows.

microblading versus eyebrow tattooing

The Advantages of Microblading:

  • #1 Microblading procedure is less painful than traditional eyebrow tattoo.
  • #2 Eyebrows are done with microblading look lush and natural. The hair produced from microblading follow the natural direction of the hair. The result looks so real. You will not distinguish the difference between your real hair and hair from microblading.
  • #3A machine is not used for the procedure which makes microblading more comfortable.
  • #4 The pigment used in the microblading technique is thicker. The thicker pigment will prevent the ink to migrate under the skin.
  • #5 The procedure of corrections, if any, is less painful and less time-consuming.
  • #6 Microblading is semi-permanent. In the long run, and you can change the eyebrow shape easier than eyebrow tattoo.

According to all benefits of microblading above, most people prefer microblading.

Oh, My Goddess!  The eyebrows everyone will envy you for!

Microblading method will guarantee to give you the best eyebrows anyone can wish for. This technique is different from the traditional tattoo eyebrows. Here, the ink deposited into the skin is not so deep. The effect is also less permanent. Color will wear off within a year and a half. To prevent pigment wearing off, a retouching of the eyebrows is suggested once a year, to keep the color and shape of the eyebrows.

So now you know the benefits of both the techniques and should be better equipped to pick between one of them.