Microblading Training Course by Master Jocelyn Tran

This Microblading Training course program and brow shading courses is an intensive workshop that includes 2 days of hands-on training where you will practice on models with us by your side all the time. Two days is short, true; but we will train you on the secrets and tricks so you can be successful. We can stretch this microblading training into 3, 4, or even 7 days if we want to but we don’t want to do that. We keep this microblading course in a complete2 days where we pick out only the most important information and technique that you need the most to complete a microbalding procedure smoothly including:

  • #1 Strokes Pattern: We train you in a way that you will memorize each and every strokes in the head, body, or tail of the eyebrows so in any situation even when microblading pigments get smeared, you still can be able to correctly draw each stroke.
  • #2 Best way to stretch the skin
  • #3 Why pigment doesn’t last. Color retention is the most difficult area of microblading. We will explain to you why pigment doesn’t last so you can prevent them; and will train you the microblading technique that will ensure that your microblading result will have color result that will last in average 1 year.
  • #4 Mixing colors
  • #5 How to fix blue old tattoo
  • #6 How to fix red tattoo
  • #7 Why tattoo turn red
  • #8 Why tattoo turn blue
  • #8 How to cover old PMUs (old permanent makeup) with microblading
  • #9 Differences between tattoo, permanent makeup PMU, and microblading
  • #10 How to position each finger on your left and right hands to make the holder rolls smoothly
  • #11 How to draw eyebrows shape correctly using Phibrows Golden Compass
  • #12 How to measure eyebrows using the Phiapp application
  • #13 Correct sitting position for the best Microblading result
  • #14 How to professionally talk to your clients to establish trust from them
  • #15 Hygiene
  • #16 Workplace Sanitization, Health and Safety, and Sterilization Measures
  • #17 Tattoo License microblading requirements information- how to obtain license permit from Health Department
  • #18 We train you like a baby. We think of everything for you so you don’t have to figure yourself.
  • #19 Following the 2 days hands-on EYEBROW MICROBLADING program, you will have access to FREE Phibrows online course called CRAFTMASTER for 6 months.
  • #20 You will have continuing support from us for 6 months to ensure your success not only with Microblading skills but also building confidence to start your own business.
  • #21 When you go through our microblading training course , you will get the experience, the tools, and support to be the best microblading artist you can be. We don’t want to get your money and say “Bye bye, we don’t want to see you again.” We want to get you through all difficulties to succeed in your career as a microblading artist.
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