For a fantastic set of eyebrows and permanent makeup eyeliner, you need knowledge about microbalding eyebrow tattoo healing to exercise better care.

eyebrow tattoo healing

Getting this procedure done requires a lot of skill from the expert.

You also need to have the patience to apply well aftercare after the procedure. You have heard the phrase, no pain, no gain.


When the process starts, you would hardly feel too much pain. Initially, a scratching feeling stays, which goes away when the numbing liquid is applied on the eyebrows. After the numbing liquid is absorbed into the skin, within few seconds, it is all a smooth sail. Here, the expert would use fine blades to deposit fine slits of pigment under your skin in natural hair stroke directions.  This microblading procedure is also called eyebrow feathering or feather eyebrow tattoo .

eyebrow feathering


It is natural that the body will try and fight off anything invasive. Immediately after the procedure, there would possibly be some blood or pigment lymph released on the eyebrows.  You need to wash your skin very gently to remove all that. Avoid rubbing at any cost. If dust particles are settling there, clean the skin with soap and water in a gentle movement. Do this for at least every few hours on the first two day.

Ater the first microblading procedure, the color looks darker naturally.  The eyebrows are completely healed at least one month after the treatment.

If the microblading artist performed the procedure correctly, and if you follow aftercare correctly, you will loose around 10 to 15 percent of pigment.


Tips That’ll Help Achieve That Perfect Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Healing

Apply precautions in the next ten days after the procedure. Make sure that you do not go for sunbathing, nor sweat too much in the gym. Avoid using makeup in the eyebrows for this short period. Make sure that you avoid applying any anti-ageing creams there. Above all, ensure that you never itch or peel off the scabs in the brows, and instead, use oils in the area to keep the brows soft and supple and not dry. The brows will heal nicely when you implement proper aftercare no less than ten days.

Keep the eyebrows clean to prevent dust from accumulating. Dust contains germs, and your skin is still not fully healed. You should help them by dabbing away the dust. Use cool water on cotton pads which are damped, to clean and pat away any dust in the eyebrows area. You should not have any microblading scabbing.

If there come up any dry patches, or there is any microblading scabbing, do not worry. We will have a second touch up session for fixing any such issues. To avoid this scabbing, you can use oil on your brows for the next few days, till the second session comes up. Some oils that can be employed are coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil. Vaseline is ok too. These oils get absorbed into the skin and do not let the skin get dry.

You would need a slight touch-up treatment. You can come to the clinic again at any time between the next 4-6 weeks. Your  3d brows might need some slight touch up to be sure that the eyebrows are perfect after that. You can do this much for that fantastic look, right? The skin of every person heals in different ways. There could be some issues that would be addressed in the second session. You have to understand that microblading is a two-fold process. The second session is crucial to make sure that your eyebrows natural and perfect.

real brows microblading

Once the brows healed, you are a free bird!  You will have a set of perfectly natural real brows microblading that will last from a year to a year and a half.  After that period, you can come back to USA Microblading for retouch and refresh the color.  No one, even your friends or family will know.  You can flaunt that fabulous pair of eyebrows and gather all the appreciation that people can send your way.