There is some level of stigma towards cosmetic procedures. That stems from all the right reasons. You see all the good results but still ponder the question: “Is Microblading Safe?”

Microblading is considered a safe procedure, according to The American Academy of Micropigmentation.


is microblading safe?


You have seen many posts on social media about celebrities who have botched cosmetic surgeries done. We understand if you are not confident about cosmetic procedures in general.

If done by inexperienced hands, you have a serious chance of getting unhappy results. And you would not want to play around with your face, right? You have one life. You need to spend it respectably and happily. You do not need to wake up in the morning and regret about what you did to yourself.

Besides, there is a high chance that you could get infections due to an improper handle of cosmetic equipment.

Keep in mind some precautions regarding the microblading eyebrow feathering procedures. These precautions would help you avoid such failures.


First, there is the worry about the expert who is performing the procedure on you. The expert needs to have experience.

microblading experience
Second, there is the worry about the cosmetic tools for this procedure. You need to have a disposable set of tools to make sure that the feather eyebrow tattoo procedure done without issues.


#1 Reason To Get Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoo Microblading at USA Microblading

  • Expert hands: This is the most important safety factor when talking about feather tattoo eyebrows microblading.

You need to look for the qualifications of the expert. If there is anything that you note as dubious, retreat immediately.

Many inexperienced artists would play with your looks. You would rather not have that procedure done than have bad looks. At USA Microblading, we make sure that the result will be perfect.

eather stroke eyebrow tattoo


Our feather stroke eyebrow tattoo by microblading expert, Jocelyn Tran has worked in this eyebrow tattoo field for six years. With fantastic qualifications, Jocelyn makes sure that the feathered permanent eyebrows procedures will be performed perfectly. We have never had a bad process on anyone. That is the best part about us.


Safety Is #1 Priority at USA Microblading

  • Disposable Tools: The cheap and regular run of the mill cosmetic salons perform 3d semi-permanent eyebrows procedures with reused tools. That is one of the reasons to cause infections. Imagine blades and needles penetrating your skin, which might have penetrated someone else’s skin? What would you do in such a case? Do not put your life on the line and go for such procedures. You are better than that. Invest in a place where such tools are disposed of and a fresh set of tools are used for every procedure. You can make sure of this when you visit the salon. You can even inquire of this when you contact the place. At USA Microblading we never reuse such tools in any hairline eyebrow tattoo procedure. We would not be able to live with the stigma of doing something like that to you.
  • Sterilized handpieces: You need to make sure that the handpieces used by the experts are disinfected. Even if the tools are new, non-sterilized handpieces could still give you a cocktail of germs that could wreak havoc to your immunity and cause serious issues. At USA Microblading, we make sure that we use all the perfect tools and hand pieces that are properly sterilized to make the procedure safe for you. We have never had any such issue.
  • Gamma Ray Sterilized Needles: The needles and blades used for the tattoo eyebrows 3d microblading procedures penetrate the skin, albeit in a shallow manner. But anything that goes under your skin needs to be entirely free of all such germ that could be on them. We make sure that germ is killed using state of the art gamma ray sterilization.
  • Hygienic location: Everything fails if the site of the clinic or salon is wrong. If you have an open drain running close by, be assured that whatever be the precautions, something is going to creep in at any cost. Our location is immaculate. We are in a proper locality with all amenities.


When you come to USA Microblading salon, you will understand the main reason for our success.   It is the precautions that we take in every cosmetic eyebrows tattoos process to assure the safety of our clients.  And that care translates to satisfied customers.  Customers’ happiness is everything to us.

If you are still wondering “Is Microblading Safe?”.  Yes, Microblading is safe at USA Microblading.