eyebrow tattoo care


These are the guideline for Microblading eyebrow tattoo care:

Immediately after the process, the brows are usually darker. The eyebrows stay that way for at least another two weeks.

After that the color subdues to a degree, giving the final permanent color.

Even looking dark, the eyebrows do not look ghastly on the day of the procedure. You can still socialize and go to work. Activities can be resumed right on the same day.

The colors of the pigment used are usually similar to your original eyebrow hair color. Thus, the hair strokes blend seamlessly into the existing hair.

Before the Permanent Eyebrow Treatment:

– Try not to give excessive sunlight exposure to the area going to be treated.
– Most dermatologists advise that you wear the usual makeup until the day of treatment.
– Do not take aspirin two days before the treatment.
– Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor about the treatment.
– Reduce alcohol intake and end it two days before the treatment.

12 Beneficial Tips You Need To Read For Microblading tattoo eyebrows aftercare:

  1. Do not use creams on the swollen or red area without consulting your dermatologist.
  2. In the first seven, preferably ten days right after the microblading treatment, do not apply any makeup over the microblade eyebrows.
  3. Avoid dust and clean your eyebrows regularly with soap and water to prevent dust accumulating over the eyebrows.
  4. Regularly clean your eyebrows before applying vaseline at least two times a day, for at least seven days.
  5. Avoid laser treatments over microblade eyebrows. These laser treatments will burn the microblade skin and result in pigment loss.
  6. Avoid touching your eyebrows with dirty fingers to prevent infection.
  7. Avoid swimming for at least seven days.
  8. Avoid heavy training that will result in excessive sweat, which will decrease pigment retention.
  9. Avoid tanning for at least seven days.
  10. Do not take additional treatments until the treated are is completely healed.
  11. To ensure quicker healing process, do not expose the treated area to water often.
  12. Do not pick or pull on the treated area as it will result in pigment loss.

Please follow eyebrow tattoo aftercare instructions carefully to prevent pigment loss. Call or contact us if you have any questions to make sure that you have the best eyebrow tattoo aftercare possible.


Microblading is a trending technique for eyebrow tattoo or eyebrow embroidery. The process might sting a little. The benefits it offers are long lasting and natural. Microblading an ideal permanent makeup technique for everyone. Just pay attention to permanent microblading eyebrow aftercare and you will be on your way to your best eyebrows ever!