3d Eyebrows Tattoo: The Latest Trend in Makeup Industry

Have you seen the Instyle magazine’s feature on Microblading? Oh my God! Microblading is becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who cares about fashion and beauty is talking about this procedure.Microblading 3d eyebrows tattoo

A Mind-Blowing Way to Taking Eyebrows to the Next Level

It is a tedious process to draw on the eyebrows every morning. Having eyebrows tattoo is not an option since it does not look natural. There are some issues with tattooed eyebrows, though. For starters, the eyebrows are a little less detailed. With eyebrow tattoo, the eyebrows look like a solid line. It also seems so obvious that you have a tattoo on your eyebrows. Also, eyebrow tattoos tend to change color to red or blue over time. Removing them is an altogether tedious process.

A trend of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing has come up. This trend is microblading or 3d Eyebrows Tattoo. With this method, the eyebrows are shaped semi-permanently with tiny realistic hair strokes.

3d Eyebrows Tattoo


Microblading 3d eyebrows tattoo has taken over cosmetic procedures by storm. People with over plucked eyebrows and those with problems of hair fall usually go for this. Those in need of beautiful eyebrows prefer this as well.

Here’s The Insane New 3d Brow Embroidery Microblading Taking Over Permanent Makeup Industry:

Microblading is the eyebrow embroidery procedure that creates 3d hair stroke eyebrows. This 3d hair stroke permanent makeup eyebrows process requires advanced cosmetic skills. The result is leagues better than regular tattooing.

In this microblading process, fine blades are used to deposit pigments under the skin of your eyebrows. The strokes are extremely fine lines to make they look like your real eyebrows. There will be no issues of smudging since the strokes are shallow in the skin.

The technique of eyebrow hair stroke permanent makeup by microblading allows for around a year to two of lasting eyebrow pigment. You have a choice in case you wish to go for a different look. You would not even have to bear the brunt of tattoo removal services that are extremely painful.

Time is of an essence these days. People are avoiding spending much time in shaping up their eyebrows every morning. Why would you do that when you have a permanent option?

The popularity of microblading has given rise to numerous salons that offer these procedures. Estheticians and beauticians are taking microblading training to specialize in microblading hair stroke permanent eyebrows and tattoo services. As most experts would agree, 3d eyebrow embroidery microblading is a much better option. Cheap tattoos might look economical at the first glance, but you really cannot play with your face and your looks to save some money, right?

What if you can shape your brows in any way you want with microblading 3d brow embroidery? Are you are gasping for ideas?

3d Brow Embroidery

Worry not, at USA Microblading salon; we know how everyone feels. We have studied the latest brow ideas to give you a good direction with what is trending.

We follow recent events like the Oscars and famous celebrities. The award ceremonies bring a lot of women fashion icons to the spotlight. Women all over the world follow these fashion icons for sure. Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have all been converging on few eyebrow styles over the past few months. That is a good thing as you would not have to look into a lot of places to get ideas about latest trends.


Eyebrows beautification is becoming the trend. The 90s styles of full thick brows are coming back into fashion. If you don’t have time to draw on your eyebrows every day, microblading 3d eyebrows is for you. If you dream of having beautiful, lush, thick set of brows, your best bet is microblading.