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Microblading Before and After

Meet Phibrows Master Jocelyn Tran


Sophia D.

I hightly recommend Master Jocelyn to everyone . she is not just great but also very helpful . Not just two fabulous days of training but shes continuing supported you still 6months .I learnt lots after took her course and now Im just waiting to get some models to get my Certificate . She will helps you to the end ...take her course and you wont r

epret .

Uyen N.

I highly recommended her to the Microblading training work shop. She is the best Master ever and a super nice person. She will help you with everything you have trouble with. She's a very good teacher with experience and knowledge from which I learned a lot from her.
she is amazing! Thank you very much Jocelyn Tran. Now I am successful after a

6 month class.

Sara E.

Both Jocelyn and Danny are both truly Masters of their Craft. Professional, attentive, knowledgeable on all aspects of the Phi Academy. What a phenomenal transformation they made on me; waking up and applying make up is definitely a thing of the past. I wish I would've found them sooner...see you soon for my touch up. I emphatically recommend you

visiting them at their Phi Academy in Fresno; very worth drive from anywhere in California. You won't be disappointed!


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